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Wharton Club Networking Dinner + Speaker Event

Does Web 2.0 + Enterprise 2.0 = A Business Equation?

Join us on a business tour of Web 2.0 with Sajjad Jaffer, WG '01, Co-Founder of Mercatrix, an enterprise 2.0 company. This interactive discussion will provide insights on emerging trends in the online world and its global implications. Some aspects we'll debate and discuss:

* The latest acronyms: vision v. reality
* Web 2.0 Expo: Notable Findings
* The broader tech context: Private Equity v. M&A
* Business Models: Leaders v. Laggards
* Impact on the global economy

This event will start with the speaker and discussion over dinner, followed by an hour of structured networking. This will be a perfect opportunity to practice and refine your elevator pitch, as well as meeting and getting to know other Wharton alumni.
Date: Tuesday, April 24th.
5:30-6:00pm: Registration
6:00-7:00: Dinner with guest speaker
7:00-8:00: 1-1speed networking session
8:00-8:30: Socialize & wrap-up

Place: Wharton West, 101 Howard Street, San Francisco, California

Registration Fee: $15 per person for current WCNC members and accompanied guests; $35 for non-member alumni. $10 additional on each price after 4:00pm, Monday, April 23rd and for day-of-event registrations, if available. Cancellation after 4:00pm, Monday, April 23rd at the discretion of the WCNC.

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