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Reverse Mergers: Taking a Company Public Without an IPO

David N. Feldman W’82, L’85, will discuss his new book "Reverse Mergers: Taking a Company Public Without an IPO." David is a securities lawyer who has been called the country’s leading expert on reverse mergers.

When companies are growing, many seek to go public. The reverse merger is a method for going public that is vastly more versatile than, if not as well-known as, the IPO. Reverse mergers have grown more popular in recent years and have been used by a diverse group of companies including eBay, the New York Stock Exchange and Blockbuster.

Come hear David N. Feldman W’82, L’85, a securities lawyer who has been called the country’s leading expert on reverse mergers. His just published book, Reverse Mergers: Taking a Company Public without an IPO (Bloomberg Press, 2006) is available on www.amazon.com. David is Chairman Emeritus of Wharton’s worldwide Alumni Association Board.

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Date: Monday, October 16th, 6:00-7:00pm. Check-in; reception with plenty of appetizers; and informal networking. 7:00-8:15pm. Presentation and Discussion.
Location: Michael's at Shoreline, 2960 Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA 94043
Registration: $20 WCNC Members and members of affiliate clubs. $40 for non-member alumni and other guests.  $10 per ticket extra if purchased after Sunday, October 15th, 5pm. The WCNC's standard cancellation policy applies for this event.

About Mr. Feldman’s book:
Written for CEOs, CFOs, and the investment bankers, lawyers, and auditors who advise them, this is the first book to explain how reverse mergers work, from the business and legal points of view. Topics covered include: the pros and cons of being public, deal structures, financing, due diligence, and the regulatory environment.

Advance Quotes about Mr. Feldman’s book:
"David Feldman is by far the most knowledgeable attorney in this field. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of reverse mergers, from financings to filing requirements."
--Charles Weinstein, CPA Managing Partner, Eisner LLP

"With this book—the first of its kind--David Feldman has created an invaluable guide to the varied and increasingly complex world of the many different ways to go public. It is a must-read for any investment banker, lawyer, accountant or private company that is seeking a rational alternative to an IPO.”
--Timothy J. Keating, Keating Investments LLC

“One of America’s great strengths is its entrepreneurial culture. Maximizing the opportunity for smaller businesses to access the benefits of a publicly trading stock goes a long way to strengthening that culture. As a result, reverse mergers have been growing rapidly, especially after the SEC’s recent rulemaking to improve disclosure and legitimacy in these deals. And I could think of no one better to write the first book on this subject than David Feldman, the clear leader in the field.”
--Lady Judge (formerly Barbara Thomas), former SEC Commissioner

Some recent quotes about reverse mergers:
“...[R]everse mergers--in which a private company buys all or most of the stock of an already publicly traded firm--are on the scene. Small firms find them a low-cost, quick and fuss-free way to instantly become a public company, often without the paperwork required for a conventional initial public offering of shares.”
--Wall Street Journal, June 2005

“…[Investment banker Gregg Mockenhaupt] wrapped up a $50 million reverse merger for Ronco Corp...[T]he payoff was "easy entrée into the public markets," says Ronco CFO Evan Warshawsky. “
--CFO magazine, April 2005

“...[R]everse mergers...are a route to the stock market for entrepreneurs in a hurry...”
--New York Times, May 2004

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