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Speed Networking

Increase your business network through this WCNC-organized event!

The Wharton Club of Northern California is pleased to intoduce a high-impact networking initiative for our Club members. Our goal is to enable you to rapidly increase business opportunities through the Wharton Alumni Network. While our social and professional events are great for what they are designed to do (and we have had some great ones recently, haven't we?), they don’t always lend themselves well to high-impact networking.

What This Event Is: face-to-face networking that quickly promotes alumni helping alumni grow their respective businesses. Each participant has 1 minutes to say their proverbial, “Elevator Speech”, combined with context of their company’s direction, challenges, near-term objectives. This is followed by a brief a 3 minute discussion on how to take the next steps if there is a good match. 5 minutes total and then off to the next opportunity. Over the course of 45 minutes, an alum will have the opportunity to meet up to 10-15 other alumni. You might not have an opportunity to meet everyone in the room, but at the end, we will also spend time allowing you to introduce people you have met this evening to other people who you think they should meet (but may not have already done so.)

Impact: (1) You will have the opportunity to hone and perfect your elevator pitch. (2) You will meet a large number of Wharton alumni in one evening who you can follow up with later at your convenience. (3) The structure of the evening will help ensure that you meet the right people that evening in a brief amount of time.

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Date: Wednesday, July 12th. 6:00-7:00pm Reception. 7:00-8:30 Networking event
Place. Wharton West, 101 Howard St., 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105
Registration Fee: $10 for current WCNC members, Wharton summer intern, and accompanied guests; $20 for non-member alumni. $10 additional on each price after 5:00pm, Monday, July 10th and for day-of-event registrations, if available. Cancellation after 5:00pm, Monday, July 10th at the discretion of the WCNC.

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