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Evaluating a health care investment could be tricky. Deep science expertise, binary regulatory risk, high upfront capital needs, long exit cycles. However, this, Life Sciences and Health, could be one of the most exciting and meaningful investment sectors.
EPPIC, Wharton Alumni Angels and UCSF Entrepreneurship Center are organizing a healthcare event on June 13 at the UCSF Mission bay campus, entitled, The Emerging Investment Landscape in Health - What really matters?
The theme we are exploring is the emerging trends and investment opportunities afforded by the transformational shifts occurring in the healthcare ecosystem with rapid introduction of new technologies (AI, big data, genomics, digital health), consumerization of healthcare diagnostics (Apple smartwatch, Fitbit, Alivecore, 23andMe), and new entrants with deep pockets and track record of paradigm shifts in industries (Google, Amazon, Apple). The first wave of these new entrants in digital health have started making healthcare impact and have provided outsized returns to investors (Flatiron, Foundation Medicine). In the diagnostics space mega investment deals ($100MM+) in Grail, Twist, Zymergen on the one hand, and new entrants from the tech space is driving innovation. New business models are being created with lower barriers to entry for angels compared to traditional capital heavy biotech investments. The event is geared to provide learnings from investors, entrepreneurs and professionals with deep domain expertise on the opportunities, pitfalls, risks and success stories and failures.
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Date: Thursday, June 13 (AGENDA)
3:30pm - 7:30pm 
Location: UCSF Mission Bay Campus Hall 1401-2, 550 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94158
Cost: Early bird pricing thru May 31, $25.00, afterwards tickets are $40.00 thru June 13.

Organizer: EPPIC Global Network, (425) 246-5469

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