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Wharton Webinar with Professor Jonah Berger

This webinar is part of the Wharton Alumni Webinar Series in an effort to offer life-long learning opportunities to alumni. The webinar is provided at no cost to our club members. Book now before it sells out.

Led By: Jonah Berger, James G. Campbell Assistant Professor of Marketing
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wharton Alumni Relations is excited to bring you the next faculty webinar offered to our Wharton alumni community. Through March 5, registration will be open EXCLUSIVELY to members of the Wharton Global Clubs Network. If you are not already a member of our club, we encourage you to join and take advantage of this valuable benefit. Pre-registration is available now to members of Wharton Clubs. Space is limited, so register today!

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Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2013
9:00am - 10:00am PST
Cost: No cost for WCNC Members.  A link to the webinar will be sent to all registrants 24 hours prior to the webinar.

About this session:
Why do certain products and ideas catch on and become popular while others fail?  This webinar offers an early look at Jonah Berger’s new book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On, which reveals the secret science behind word-of-mouth and social transmission. Discover how six basic principles drive all sorts of things to become popular. If you’ve ever wondered why certain stories get shared, brands get more word of mouth, or videos go viral, this webinar explains why, and shows how to leverage these ideas to craft contagious content.

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