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'Eat People: And Other Unapologetic Rules for Game-Changing Entrepreneurs' with Andy Kessler

Join us for another special event hosted at Wharton | San Francisco by the Wharton Club of Northern California. Our speaker will be Andy Kessler, author, co-founder and ex-President of Velocity Capital.

Eat People: And Other Unapologetic Rules for Game-Changing Entrepreneurs
Thursday, June 9, 2011

How do you find the next big thing?  How do you find things that go up and to the right and keep going up and up and up?  How do you find companies to work for or to invest in that will let you create some real wealth?  And how do you do well by the world?

Today, the economy may have blown up, but the underlying principles of wealth creation still exist.  Maybe even stronger than ever.  How to tap them is not so obvious.  But it's never obvious.  You have to figure out how to create the future yourself.  The only way to truly succeed over time is to use your head, think out long-term trends, figure out where productivity exists (and therefore wealth is being created) in the economy, and invest your mind or your money alongside it.

Andy will explain his master list of 12 Rules for Free Radicals (plus a baker's dozen bonus rule), that can be summed up as:  "You should be a scalable, wasteful, horizontal, edge-hugging, Tom Sawyer-ish, productive, human-adapting, people-eating, market-driven, exceptional, market-entrepreneuring, zero-marginal, virtual-pipecontrolling return maximizer."

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Thursday, June 9, 2011
Time: 6:00pm Networking; 7:00pm Lecture, followed by Q&A and continued mingling
Wharton | San Francisco, 101 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
WCNC members and accompanied guests: $20 per person. Non-member alumni and other guests: $40 per person. Registrations after 4:00pm on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 are an extra $10 per ticket. Cancellations after Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at the discretion of the WCNC. No charge for Wharton Club Gold Ticket Members (but remember as always to register via the above 'Register Online' link.)

About Andy Kessler
Andy Kessler is a former hedge fund manager turned author who now writes on technology and markets.

His first book Wall Street Meat: Jack Grubman, Frank Quattrone, Mary Meeker, Henry Blodget and me was published in March of 2003, followed by Running Money: Hedge Fund Honchos, Monster Markets and My Hunt for the Big Score, published by HarperCollins in September of 2004. Running Money was added to the New York Times Business Bestseller list on November 7, 2004. Then came How We Got Here.

July of 2006 saw the release of The End of Medicine, about Silicon Valley invading medicine and doing to doctors what ATMs did to tellers.

Andy is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal op-ed page and has also written for The New York Times op-ed page, Wired, Forbes Magazine, The Weekly Standard, LA Times, The American Spectator magazine and techcentralstation.com and thestreet.com websites. He has even written a piece of fiction for Slate - bet you can't find it.

Andy Kessler was co-founder and President of Velocity Capital Management, an investment firm based in Palo Alto, California, that provided funding for private and public technology and communications companies. Private investments included Real Networks, Inktomi, Alteon WebSystems, Centillium and Silicon Image.

In the early '80's, Andy spent 5 years at AT&T Bell Labs as a chip designer, programmer, and spender of millions in regulated last minute, use it or lose it budget funds. In 1985, he joined PaineWebber in New York, where he did research on the electronics and semiconductor industry and was an “All Star” analyst in the Institutional Investor poll.

In 1989, Andy joined Morgan Stanley as their semiconductor analyst, and following in the footsteps of Ben Rosen, he added the role of technology strategist and helped identify long-term, secular trends in technology. In 1993, he moved to San Francisco to join Unterberg Harris, where he ran a private interactive media venture fund, with investments that included N2K, Exodus and Tut Systems.

Andy received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University in 1980 and an MSEE from the University of Illinois in 1981. K-12 was at Bridgewater-Raritan High School East in New Jersey. Every morning for 13 years, while heading out for the school bus, Andy looked to his left, up the hill, and checked out the flag flying at Middlebook Encampment, where George Washington and his troops spent winters watching the British troops in New Brunswick. On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress approved the Betsy Ross 13 star flag as the official flag, and it flew for the first time at the Middlebrook Encampment. Pretty cool.

He lives with his wife and four sons in the Bay Area and enjoys basketball, hiking, skiing, biking, Pininfarina designed moving objects and reminiscing about raising Siberian Huskies.

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