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More Prospects! More Referrals! More Business! How to Network and Grow Your Business or Career

**RESCHEDULED** How to Network and Grow Your Business or Career

More Prospects! More Referrals! More Business! How to Network and Grow Your Business or Career

When it comes to meeting qualified prospects, cold calling and direct mail are NOT the answers. Especially today! So what IS the answer? Networking!

Most people are not born networkers; they develop the skills and confidence through education, training, practice, and having a positive attitude. Whether you’re at a cocktail party, networking event, or other business function, it’s not who you know but who you want to know. Bottom line, networking is the most effective way to attract more prospects, generate more referrals, and do more business!

In this webinar, attendees will learn the techniques and approaches to effectively greet people, hand out and ask for business cards, actively listen, deliver an elevator speech, tactfully transition and end conversations, engage in business conversations, implement a networking plan, and most importantly – create key relationships.

MICHAEL GOLDBERG, CSP, is a speaker, business consultant, career coach, and the founder of Building Blocks Consulting. He is an expert at helping sales professionals grow their business! Michael speaks at conferences and associations, runs sales meetings, and delivers “real world” programs on networking, referral marketing, public speaking, and career search. Clients include MetLife, New England Financial, and Aflac. Aside from a busy speaking and travel schedule, Michael is an award winning adjunct instructor at Rutgers University teaching public speaking whose insights recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Be on the lookout for his book on How to Network – in bookstores soon! For more information or to subscribe to Michael’s FREE online newsletter The Building Blocks to Success, please visit http://NetworkingForProducers.com  or http://TheBuildingBlockstoSuccess.com.

CRAIG UTHE, WCNJ’s webinar manager and host, is a fellow Wharton MBA and BS with a background in Business Planning, Program Portfolio Strategy, Product Management, and Technology, mostly at AT&T. You can read more about him at http://uthe.net.  Craig personally recommends you join us for Michael Goldberg’s webinar. He’s seen Michael “wow” a live audience of 100 and knows you can look forward to learning a lot from Michael in our most entertaining webinar yet! Whether your interest is networking your way to a new job, to a new financial deal, or to new business sales, you won’t want to miss Michael.

Registrants who cannot participate live at that time can replay the recorded session when convenient.

Date & Time: Tuesday, January, 2010 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST
Cost: **FREE for WCNC members

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