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C-Event: 1st-time CEOs of VC-Backed Companies, Measuring Effectiveness, Invitation Only

Part of a new series of events designed specifically for C-level executives and senior business people. These periodic events are designed to foster an intimate setting for in-depth learning on critical topics and networking among C-Levels.

C-event: 1st-time CEOs of VC-Backed Companies, Measuring Effectiveness, invitation only
Tuesday, June 23, 2009

These events are distinctly different from anything we’ve offered before. To foster an environment of trust among business peers, participants will be hand-selected and limited to only 12 to 14 people.

With $70 million raised and a $250 million valuation, the board of a VC-backed, 60-person, electronics device company, hired a veteran CEO. One year later, failing to fit with the culture, they fired him. Recognizing the complex technical challenges the company faced, the board promoted the VP of Engineering to CEO. A skilled engineering manager, this first-time CEO is approaching his new job from the perspective of a middle manager. He’s focusing on tasks, communicating infrequently, and failing to build trust. His team is unfocused and lacks motivation. Without skilled leadership and an energized team, this company is in trouble and the new CEO is blowing a rare career opportunity.

This real-world, current case study will serve as a backdrop as Peter Dupont addresses key issues facing first-time CEOs of VC-backed companies.
  • What does it take to evolve quickly from a capable functional manager to an effective CEO of a startup... backed by some of the most sophisticated investors in the world?
  • How can he grow into his new job to become an effective leader?
  • You’ll gain actionable insights into CEO effectiveness and receive a sample of Peter's proprietary CEO skill development tool, CEO Impact.

Participant Criteria:

  • Current CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO or Senior Partner.
  • Selectively include non Wharton alumni.
  • Participants will be hand-selected.

Register Online**
Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: Peninsula, exact location and fee ticket will be Included with invitation.
Cost: $50. Registration closes Friday, June 19th at 2:00pm PST.
Required Registration:
Please include link to your professional bio (from LinkedIn, your website, public filing, business plan). Use Special Instructions box during registration, or email to csuiteevents@whartonclub.com.

**Note re: No Show's
Unlike general Club events, these events have a very small number of people attending. These people are counting on meeting you, learning about what you do, and benefiting from your experience and your contribution. If you sign up but do not attend it diminishes the experience for everyone. Therefore, only request an invitation if you are highly confident that you’ll be able to attend. If you fail to attend you may not be invited to participate in future C-Circles or C-Events.

Discussion Leader: Peter Dupont, WG '75

  • Used three executive coaches, as CEO, to grow Kensington Technology (well-known computer accessories firm) from $20 million to $190 million.
  • Raised Kensington, an obscure firm, to an iconic brand.
  • Today, coaches first-time CEOs of VC-backed companies.
  • Kleiner Perkins, Delphi Ventures, Mohr Davidow, and other top-tier firms routinely use his services.

Host & Facilitator: Guy Downing, WG '92

  • CEO of VuCERA, Inc.
  • Former member of Vistage (previously TEC) executive education program.
  • 5-year member of Executive Forums, monthly CEO group, where he has facilitated CEO meetings.

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